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Many supplements suffer from poor bioavailability.

We utilize liposomal delivery for such products.

Liposomes encapsulate active ingredients in a phospholipid bubble to protect them from digestion.

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Inflammation consumes NAD+, and
dramatically increases as we age.

Decreasing systemic inflammation
can help restore NAD+.

We create the most effective
inflammation fighting longevity products.

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Lower my Inflammation


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Does NMN help cancer grow faster?

New research shows NMN may enhance aerobic capacity

New research shows NR may be harmful to heart function in mice.

Small dose of NMN restores fertility on old mice

NMN may protect and restore skin from UV damage

Multiple pathways for NAD+ uptake by cells regulated by SIRT1.

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John Shoffner - J2 Racer
Age 52 - NAD+ Injections
“I’m a commited bio-hacker with strong goals towards longevity. NAD+ maintenance is high on my list. I recommend this protocol to people every chance I get.”.

Tenchi So - Competitive Triathlete
Age 40 - Renue Age Defying Serum
“I still have supple and youthful looking skin. Thanks Renue! As a Triathlete who spends time outdoors... I still have supple and youthful looking skin.”

Madison Hildreth, Professional Model
Age 36 - Renue Topical NAD+ Lotion
“It feels like I’m putting liquid gold on my arm. This could be what prevents some of your aging. NAD+ is the fountain of youth. I highly recommend this!”


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