LSG™ (Liposomal Sublingual Gel) – An Innovation in Liposome Science

Liposomal Sublingual Gel (LSG™) is a novel nanoliposomal nutrient delivery system with Control Release Kinetics™ offering enhanced performance.

LSG™ patent pending nanotechnology utilizes pharmaceutical grade organic, non-GMO phospholipids designed to deliver unmetabolized nutrients to cells and tissues.


LSG™ nanoparticles are 20-40 nanometers – smaller than wavelengths of visible light to maximize biological efficiency and precision performance.

This advanced sublingual delivery system features Control Release Kinetics™, using sustained release liposomes to protect nutrients before release into systemic circulation with improved efficacy.

The improved potency and function of nutrient delivery requires fewer doses.

Hydrogel Technology

Our nanoparticulate Hydrogel technology is formulated to improve active compound permeability across the epithelium, provide optimal solubilization and maximize systemic release kinetics.

LSG™ nanoparticulate composition is suitable for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic micro- and macromolecules and offers enhanced transcellular and paracellular delivery.

LSG™ technology was specifically designed for the advanced absorption of compounds into the mucosal matrix and works in concert with the pH and flow of saliva to control the rate of disintegration into the sublingual region effectively.

This advanced permeability across the epithelium is designed to promote higher systemic absorption and uptake of compounds.

High-Performance Quality

LSG™ technology is manufactured in a heat-free, pressure-free and solvent-free manufacturing process to preserve potency and stability.

We use 100% natural liposomes made from organic sunflower lecithin that contain essential phospholipids with a high percentage of phosphatidylcholine.

LSG™ nanoliposomes provide superior transport of active nutrients while helping to satisfy the body’s need for choline.

Bioadhesive Hydrogel

With a 0.1-0.7 mm thick mucus layer, the oral cavity is an effective route of administration for mucoadhesive dosages.

The highly permeable sublingual entry site can be utilized for both rapid onset (e.g. powder supplements and sublingual tablets) and longer dosage durations when administered in the form of a bioadhesive.

Our LSG™ technology provides controlled-release performance with liposomes suspended in a natural bioadhesive gel. The loaded hydrogel increases contact time to improve performance over liquid products where production of saliva induces swallowing rather than sublingual absorption.

The LSG™ nanoparticulate system is designed to improve the accumulation, uptake and absorption across the biological barrier of the skin, in both sublingual and transdermal applications.

Our mucoadhesive gel is designed to adhere to biological tissues, prolong residence time and maintain an optimal release rate.

Advanced Hydrogel Suspension Technology

Liposomal drug delivery systems have excellent biocompatibility, low toxicity, and lack of immune system activation. Creating homogeneous liposome particle sizes that are stable and hold their encapsulated payload is challenging.

We partnered with chemists who have a proven track record in liposome science achievements within the pharmaceutical sector to design structurally uniform nanoliposomes using organic phospholipids.

Together, we were able to achieve a novel bioadhesive nanoliposome delivery method offering improved performance, functionality and efficacy of dietary supplements.

The mucoadhesive gel in our LSG products is designed to avoid rapid clearance of nutrient nanoparticles and maintain a long-term concentration gradient at the mucosal surface to ensure the unidirectional diffusion, and provides unsurpassed bioavailability with higher systemic delivery of nutrients to systemic circulation.