blankWe have been writing about and selling health products online since 2006, and carried over 1,500 products on Alivebynature and in our physical store located in Las Vegas (pictured).

We are Biohackers and natural medicine experts that believe foods and natural products can cure most of the disease and health problems that are all too common due to our modern diets and lack of exercise.

Unfortunately, our medical establishment is trained to treat disease symptoms with drugs, rather than promoting a healthier diet and lifestyle that can prevent illness.

Thru working with clients in our nutritional consulting and personal training, and producing healthy aging content for this website, we constantly research natural products.

Our mission is to educate and motivate people on how to live long and strong.

Bryan Nettles, Founder

blankThis is my son Ryan and I having fun at a waterpark in July 2018. I probably wouldn’t have him if I actually listened to my doctors and had the prostate surgery they recommended.

I’ve been a lifelong tinkerer, and inventor/entrepreneur since 1990 when I invented a product for water-skiing called the “TRAKKER”, and promptly quit my job at Lockheed Aerospace after selling a few dozen units at the Cow Palace boat show.

I certainly wasn’t an overnight success though, and I ended up going back to work at Lockheed, only to leave again for a different venture a few years later. I actually left the corporate world 5 times before attaining enough success with Alivebynature to leave one last time in 2006.

Nutrition and exercise have always been a primary focus for me throughout my life but the goal has changed from competing with friends or in local competitions and “staying in shape”, to regaining my health and youth.

My Passions and Goals

Long ago I realized I wasn’t a good fit for the slow pace of progress inherent in the engineering of space vehicles I worked on at Lockheed.

Likewise, I wouldn’t want to work in the tedious world of a medical researcher where drugs take decades to develop.

But I LOVE reading research and am very excited about the progress those researchers have made in identifying the common pathways behind nearly all age related disease and illness.


2009 – numerous health crisis

As a marathon runner, mountain biker, skier and life-long weight lifting enthusiast who was never overweight, I thought I was doing pretty good, until 2009, when I had both hips replaced, and was diagnosed with high blood glucose and blood pressure (170/140).

I had been running for a few years, selling a full range of vitamins and supplements. But I was still following a high carb diet, and not really doing much research about what really works.

2012 – Progress
My hip surgery was successful, and I was fortunate enough to have the time and flexibility to focus on my interests in a healthy lifestyle and natural products that I felt were effective in fighting hypertension other big diseases of aging that affect so many and I had seen destroy my fathers health.

By 2012 I had turned things around by lowering my blood sugar and pressure with a low carbohydrate diet and focusing on a few supplements that I believe are effective. Mostly anti-inflammatories like Curcumin, Green Tea extract, Berberine, Botswellia, and a few others.

Starting in 2014, the NAD+ boosters Niagen and NMN had a huge impact on my health.

In 2014, I started taking Nicotinamide Riboside, or NR, and soon after that, Nicotinamide MonoNucleotide – known as NMN.

I soon found that they were more effective than anything I had ever used and began selling them both on and on Amazon


December 2017
Not bad for 57 year old (I thought)

June 2 2018
after 3 months taking Sublingual NMN

July1 2018
Stronger than my 20’s

At 58 years old, I am back to running a 6 minute mile, lifting the heavier weights and carrying around MORE muscle than I had in my 20’s. Most amazing is, the improvements came from less than 3 months of taking frequent doses of sublingual NMN (under the tongue).

My personal experience has been that taking NMN sublingually (under the tongue) improves the effectiveness such that I achieved even better and faster results than the mice in Dr. Sinclairs’ experiments.

I am Bryan Nettles, owner of You can read more about NMN on our home page, and in our facebook users group.

Stop Chasing Symptoms – Treat the root causes of poor health and aging

It’s no coincidence that heart/cardio-vascular disease mostly effect older people. Our bodies fight off many diseases when young and healthy.

Attacking the root cause of these diseases by increasing the overall health is much more effective than taking handfuls of medicines to treat symptoms.

I believe restoring and maintaining NAD+ levels that we have in our youth provides our bodies with the ammunition it requires to fight disease and maintain the vitality of youth.


blankAs we age systemic inflammation rises in response to DNA damage, illness, injury, stress and everyday life. As inflammation rises, so too do levels of the protein CD38, which uses NAD+ in response. Minimizing systemic inflammation is key to conserving NAD+ as we age. Read more about how CD38 consumes NAD+ here.

NAD+ supplements and precursors can help, but to really “turn back the calendar”, you need to lower the systemic inflammation that increases with age and consumes NAD+.

  • Lower Blood Glucose Levels
  • Exercise – Preferrable HIIT
  • Steam/Sauna
  • Intermittent Fasting

The right exercise (such as HIIT) and nutrition/diet that lowers blood sugar levels are also needed to keep NAD+ consumption in check.

Lastly, anti-inflammatory supplements help spare NAD+. It’s no coincidence that the most effective anti-inflammatories have been used for thousand of years as promoting health in Chinese and Indian medicine. Curcumin, Green Tea, Ginger, Botswana, Ashwagandha are some we recommend.

By the end of 2017, Alivebynature was the largest seller of NMN Capsules worldwide.

At Alivebynature, we spend a lot of our time talking to our customers, and learn a lot from them.

Some of our customers were opening the capsules up and putting the powder under their Tongue, to take it sublingually, and said they found it really gave them a boost.

Now of course, people often imagine effects that are really just placebo, but when we tried it ourselves we were amazed at how much more effective it truly is.

Around this time, in late 2017 and early 2018 new research was coming out that showed oral supplements of NMN and NR are digested in the stomach and liver much more than was previously known, and we realized the sublingual delivery that we were experimenting with was the perfect way to solve the bioavailability problem with NAD+ precursors.

We were able to quickly produce a pure NMN Powder that is perfect for sublingual use. Just take a scoop and place it under the tongue – it dissolves in seconds, with around 30% going directly to the bloodstream rather than being digested in the stomach and liver.

We received feedback from hundreds of customers that loved the powder and confirmed that it has much more impact than taking capsules.

Of course, we were very happy to have created a new niche, but we didn’t feel good about selling the capsules anymore that we knew were so inferior to a sublingual delivery method.

So we stopped selling the capsules entirely, and began searching for a facility that could create a sublingual tablet. We did lose a lot of sales in the short term, but we thought it was the right thing to do.

We found that producing a great tasting tablet with a large dose of NMN with very little filler proved extremely difficult and we did have a few missteps along the way.

But 9 months later, we finally had a winner in our new NMN’s.

They have at least 125 mg of NMN each, in a tiny, great tasting, fast dissolving tablet that I truly love.

We are very happy with both the powder and the tablets.

The success of our NMN powder and sublingual tablets quickly led to a new discovery – using NAD+ itself with a sublingual delivery.

NAD+ is the end product we are trying to increase inside our bodies. Unfortunately, NAD+ has an even bigger bioavailability problem than NMN and NR. It is a much larger molecule, and gets digested even more in the stomach, which is why researchers and marketers have bypassed NAD to focus on NR and NMN.

But we have found that you can also solve the bioavailability problem by taking NAD+ itself sublingually.

So we have been experimenting with NAD+ powder and tablets similar to our NMN products and have just recently started selling the powder and tablets.

Sublingual NAD+ and NMN have similar effects in the body, but also some differences, that we cover here.