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Chris Johnson, 61 – Swimmer

I am 61 years old, 181 centimeters tall and 80 kilograms.

l felt I was in good shape for my age, as l have been a lifelong surfer at my local beach. l am also a regular swimmer at my local pool to keep in shape in between surfs.

l was swimming 1km, 3 times a week in about 22-23 minutes. After 3 months of taking NMN (approx 300-400 milligrams per day sublingual), l was able to do the 1km in 17.5 minutes.

I then decided to up the amount to 800 milligrams per day over the last month. I have now been consistently been able to swim 2KM in 35 minutes and I now swim 5 days a week doing the first km in 15 minutes!!!

I also incorporate HIIT into my training every second day and intermittent fasting (16/8) 2-3 days a week.

The percentage of muscle to fat ratio has improved dramatically.

Extremely happy with the results and the way l feel in general from taking NMN.

Update – Sept21, 2018

I have been keeping up with the NMN dosage of approx .8 of a gram per day 6 days a week.

I have reduced my swimming schedule from 8-10 km per week down to approx 4-6 km
and incorporated HIIT training 2-3 times a week.

5-8, 25-meter bursts in the pool to keep my body from getting used to the workload.

I have noticed that with the NMN dosage, these sprints have become easier and most importantly the recovery is quicker each time.

Also today for the first time, l managed to swim the full 25 meters underwater with only leg propulsion.

I am very pleased with this effort and attribute much of this increase to NMN.

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