FastVitaminIV – NAD+ Restoration Clinic


A safe, fast and efficient way to deliver essential fluids and nutrients directly into the bloodstream.

An Advanced Practice Registered Nurse administers a 60-second “push” of FastVitaminIV. You quickly absorb a synergistic cocktail of undiluted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. You feel a rush in your head, the fog lifts and clarity comes. You feel awake, you feel alive – and the effect lasts for days.


FastVitaminIV is a patented nutrient IV that works better with speed. Expertly developed by Dr. Craig Koniver, the FastVitaminIV push consists of a proprietary blend of 19 vitamins, minerals and amino acids that allow for fast absorption into your cells, muscles and brain.

By pushing the FastVitaminIV blend over 30 to 60 seconds, your body is quickly replenished with what it needs. You may experience a warming sensation as every cell in your body soaks in the undiluted, essential power blend. It is designed to help you feel better faster and take less time out of your day than the conventional slow drips.

The FastVitaminIV formula is made with a safe and efficacious blend of ingredients, manufactured in an FDA-registered 503b compounding facility and tested to ensure the highest level of sterility and stability.

It will increase energy, endurance, overall wellness and immunity. The push can be used individually or combined with NAD+ in to achieve your health and performance goals.


By providing these nutrients in a fast-push, we allow these nutrients to rapidly enter the cells which accelerates the rate at which these nutrients can start working on improving alcohol dehydrogenase function and liver detoxification. Hangovers are more an effect of nutrient imbalance versus dehydration so giving the nutrients in a concentrated push, this speeds up the time to help with improving hangover symptoms.



Daily, weekly or monthly boosts keep you in peak health and performance.


"Nothing short of astounding. Despite alcohol still likely coursing through my veins, within just 20 minutes after the IV, I felt newfound energy surging through my system, and, within an hour, felt ready to clean my office, work on a book chapter and crush a workout."