NMNLet's make a product testing group - Request to you all

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Let's make a product testing group - Request to you all

Post by rossnad » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:08 pm


The thread above (it's about proper storage of NMN products) got me thinking....

We know a couple of the labs ABN uses. ABN is transparent (kudos to them) and show their testing certificates. They contain contact info for the lab.

I called Summit Labs in Utah and they need 3 grams of the product and it is $200 for an NMN test with approx 10 day turn around.
Summit sent me a testing order form sheets. There are 3 of them. There will be some "hoops" to jump through to be able to do business with them. I am a private business owner, so these forms are familiar to me. It does seem that testing needs to be B2B, so a tax ID etc. will be needed. I have all of that stuff. I won't belabor the point yet.

If anyone is interested in joining me we can split some costs and create our own mini-testing group. A collaborative if you will. Our kNmNights of the round table :D

If we get traction and enough people, we can perhaps do many tests on various products from time to time and it will only cost a few bucks a piece. While I am a stranger to you all, it doesn't have to stay that way. A shared $200 expense seems to be a pretty lame to scam a few dollars. I am hoping this logic and some more communications we can all develop some trust to try this out.

I am in no way implying ABN is not reputable. I actually think quite the opposite. As the above thread link discusses, products can decay, environment can play a role, age of product etc. - We can learn a ton by our own tests. Also, other NMN products out there from other sellers. We can ferret out the pretenders etc. I'm not sure where this all can lead but I'm open.

Many of us are planning on using NMN, NR etc. for our entire lives. Shouldn't we know what we are ingesting and learn better care for our products for storing them at home etc.? $200 per test by one's self stings. If we got 10-20 people even it would be $10-20 a test. That can really open up a lot of tests. Once people know we are "in the know" more people can join in etc. It seems we are all like minded about sharing info, and I am on board with that. Also, in no way am I trying to steal any thunder from ABN, rather our group can reinforce their claims. Would be good for business.

Any takers? Reply here and we can keep the convo going and see what we can firm up. I think this would be an amazing opportunity for all of us.

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Re: Let's make a product testing group - Request to you all

Post by ALIVEBYNATURE » Wed Dec 04, 2019 3:15 pm

Ross - I am fine with you organizing some testing if it helps you and others have faith in our products.

I would recommend using Microquality labs as they cost less, are faster, and more accurate.

But I'm not sure why you feel it is necessary? You can call Microquality labs to confirm the test reports we post are accurate and not doctored.

We typically run each product about once a month, so never have any product sitting around to degrade.

You could test our competitors product and if they don't post test results from a 3rd party lab, most will not have the claimed % of NMN.

But publishing those results here on our forum could be a problem. When we published results showing UltraNMN had zero NMN in the product, it costs us several thousand dollars in legal fees, even though it was not in doubt we did nothing wrong.
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Re: Let's make a product testing group - Request to you all

Post by rossnad » Wed Dec 18, 2019 2:09 pm

I don't mean to "necro" this thread. I was unaware that we could independently call. This is basically all I needed. Thank you for the heads up, and while I am sure you do not want all of us calling dozens of time a day, I hope it will be ok if any of us from time to time make a call and then mention that we did on the forums. People can get paranoid sometimes.

Thanks for the quick response.
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