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Why I take ABN products at 79.

Posted: Mon Dec 16, 2019 8:25 pm
by Pickleball101
My interest in ABN products at 79 is to stay alive, Pickleball fit ,and healthier than I was before taking them.
The "Magic" entrance level for results of 500 mg daily dosage of NMN/NAD+ combo has worked well for me in all
3 areas. When I am anticipating or need more stamina, I temporarily go above these levels, with decided effects.
However, there is no slumping drug effect by dropping below the "magic 500 mg daily dosage. Just more life to
cope with. There is No Question , in MHO that these products are enhancing my life style, with performance and
a sense of wholeness that I last felt twenty years earlier. They may well have a greater effect on me than someone
1/2 my age. But there is One thing for certain, I'm not interested in micro managing my body. Just let it do it's thing.
It's always told me what it needed, and I've answered. That's what has gotten me here, on my way to a 100.
Ben, 79 250 mg daily of NMN sl / NAD+ powder, 1200 Resveratrol daily

Re: Why I take ABN products at 79.

Posted: Tue Dec 17, 2019 2:02 pm
by rhett
There is No Question
100%. I'm super excited to see new research coming out about how this stuff works and how best to use it, but I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that it's helping me. The difference is unmistakable.

Re: Why I take ABN products at 79.

Posted: Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:52 pm
Have just started recommending my father to get on board. Hoping he sees the same quality of life improvements

Re: Why I take ABN products at 79.

Posted: Thu Dec 19, 2019 3:24 pm
by Pilgrim79
Pickleball, I also am 79 and also awed by the ABN products. I am not at your level of fitness, but also could claim the last time I felt this good and had anywhere near this much energy was when I was in my early 60's. The product that wowed me was NAD+, which I knew about for probably 4 months before trying it in mid-June 2019. NMN had my attention at the time, seemingly a step up from the NR which I had been taking for quite some time. But sublingual NAD+ has been an absolute game changer for me! Topping the cake, they introduced NAD+ nasal and then Cenergy nasal NAD+.

This all said about NAD+, it turns out that good ole' sublingual NMN has a big role to play in rejuvenation too, as it acts through a different pathway of access to the things that can be dramatically helped by its intake. I highly suggest both in any regimen as cornerstones. It seems there are thresholds of dosage levels, and the older you are, the higher your threshold will probably be. I think 750 mg EACH might work best for me at this age. Working my way up to that level now on NMN, past it on NAD+.

It is an honor to be on this forum in any way at all. Highly recommend seeking out any wisdom our Drdavid imparts on a daily basis. And thank you, ABN!