NMNWhat are you Taking NMN/NAD+ For , and Results?

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What are you Taking NMN/NAD+ For , and Results?

Post by Pickleball101 » Tue Jan 12, 2021 6:53 pm

After reviewing about 18 months of Forum posts, It comes to mind this question really needs to be answered to share a collective experience with these Alive by Science products. What are YOU taking and WHY? What has been YOUR results? What were the best products and HOW did you get the best results? WE are all different, biologically, and need to offer more info on these posts of our age, health, lifestyle, additional supplements, history of different approaches to refine our particular needs to obtain the best improvements to health and mind.

Approaching my 80th birthday in March, my needs are entirely different than a slightly balding 40 year old looking for more hair growth.
My daily needs are to arrest the degenerative aging of my body, restore its needs with these products, and then live a quality life free of disease for my full life span. My over 75 posts describe this ongoing battle, if you care for elaboration, but suffice it to say, I'm more interested in sharing
those posts to the needs of another having similar challenges. That's where our focus should be, here in this Forum. 

What products are you taking, and for what condition are hope for what health improvement?  What was your results, and how did you improve on them?
What is your Basic Bio to offer a comparison to others? How long have you taken AlivebyScience products, or others and why?

Please  accept my pre-apology for asking you divulge some part of your privacy to others. We all need to offer a bit of this to make this work for all. Thx,

Ben , 79. NR in 2017, 2018-date Alive by Science only. 250mg NMN and 250mg NAD+ (powder and Renue) , 600 mg Resveratrol, Daily. 
         Purpose, Arrest Aging, restore Quality of Life for Full Life Span, free of Disease.

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Re: What are you Taking NMN/NAD+ For , and Results?

Post by RobSmith » Wed Jan 13, 2021 11:08 am

Starting with the Why, my journey started with watching my father deteriorate from his 60's initially with heart problems, then the ravages of Parkinsons, along with a stroke, needing two knee replacements along the way and as we are today 20 odd years later still hanging on bed-bound (not been out of bed for 8 months after having lived in a wheel chair for years). I don't want to repeat this. It's about healthspan, (though I won't turn down a few extra healthy years either). Then my body started to break down - first acid reflux (started about 10 years ago), then plantar fasciiitis, then I was told I had a vitamin D deficiency, and the final straw was being told I had high blood pressure and would be referred to a consultant. All this when I wasn't anywhere near overweight for my height and had a relatively low fat percentage. This was almost 1 year ago to the day. 

Didn't know anything though apart from healthy diet and the need for regular aerobic and weight bearing exercise (use it or lose it).

As for "healthy" diet, actually it was the government /gastric consultant recommended diet, which I now know is a bad diet (government) and constantly grazing throughout the day (so no big meals to alleviate acid reflux). No surprise then when my biomarkers were mostly heading in the wrong direction, and a chance book recommendation (the Jason Fung book) from a friend a) mostly sorted the diet out, b) sorted the feeding regime out, but probably more importantly c) had me interested in proactively doing some research. 
Turned out VitD deficiency is a prime cause of high blood pressure (the nurse who measured it never knew this) and so as CoVid had delayed a blood pressure consultant appointment, supplementation of VitD brought it back to normal. (I never did see the consultant).

A second chance discovery came from a conversation with the CEO of a German supplements company (my VitD came up) who said you have to take it with Vit K. Did the research and of course Vit K is fairly vital to go with the D. 

And a final chance discovery at the same time was seeing David Sinclair being interviewed on a scientific education website that I looked at with my son, and that was what really revved up the research effort (starting with his book).

So to cut a long story short, having gone from no supplements to just VitD, I'm now taking NMN, Resveratrol, (thanks to Sinclair), Omega 3 fish oils, a multi-vitamin & minerals which captures Methyl B12, Methyl Folate, Vits A through to K and zinc (amongst other minerals - I used to take zinc seperately) as well as Quercetin and Astaxanthin (the idea of researching enough to be convinced of the benefits mostly down to you guys on this forum pointing me in the right direction, thank you very much), mushroom powders (again thanks to you guys), pennywort or Gotu Kola powder and Chlorella powder (big source of Spermidine as well as more Vit D & K all in the same particles). Also not forgetting throwing turmeric into the mix with black pepper (another one thanks to one of you). I also drink plenty of green tea so I don't bother with green tea powder, but I do have a daily dose of blueberries. Finally I'm intermittently taking aspirin but I'll come back to that. 

Eating is restricted to an 8 hour window with just two meals a day and strictly no snacking. 

(I'm leaving the ABS skincare products out of this as I've mentioned in length on those other relevant posts results so far)

As mentioned, Vit D sorted out the blood pressure.

Post then adding the Vit K this sorted out my constantly being stained teeth - now the K makes sure the calcium is going to the right place (rather than probably calcifying my cardiovascular system) and in over a year now not a single stain has appeared whereas they were already showing up again within a fortnight of visiting the hygienist in the past.
Diet sorted out the cholesterol (HDL up and LDL massively down).
Everything else, I can't say that any one thing has been responsible for anything else.
However, my daughter has had CoVid (I suspect my wife might have had it in mild form as she developed a sore throat at the same time) but I never had a single symptom. I put this down to the quercetin that opens the cells up for being flooded with zinc which then blocks the virus from being able to bind to the cells (I quadrupled intake of both these when my daughter first showed symptoms). 
Furthermore, the acid reflux has massively abated. From taking 20mg Omprezole daily I'm down to 20mg once a week. I suspect I can soon stop it. Is this down to the diet or eating regime or maybe the NMN/Resveratrol working inside in the background. Who knows but it is a big win. (By the way, Aspirin shouldn't be taken with Omeprozole but now I can feed a few in as that is only taken once a week). Having felt no other benefit from NMN/Resveratrol, this is the only reason why I keep taking it. 

On the exercise front, now in my early 50's I feel aerobically fitter than I've probably ever been since childhood (due to 5/6 times a week 15 minute Hiit regime) and until the lockdowns curtailed access to gyms, I was constantly pushing new personal bests with the weights so about a year ago now I was the strongest that I have ever been in my whole life. 

ABS's NAD+ nasal also taken when I wanted to beat my (younger) neighbour at table tennis whom I always struggled (lost) against otherwise. ABS's NAD+ nasal noticeably makes reactions faster for approximately 45 mins in my case.

Now an experiment over Christmas/New Year fortnight - go back to my bad old habits for a fortnight (including the very sweet tooth). Exercise regime stayed exactly the same though
Blood pressure - back into mild hypertension
Exercise results - strength the same but aerobically was down at least 10%.
Weight - added 4.5Kg/10lbs

That is the last time I'll be doing this experiment.

Corrective measures - trying a 5 day water only fast followed by 1 week of a keto diet. I only lasted 45 hours on the fast but I did lose most of the weight in that time and blood pressure was back to normal again. Kept training though results were terrible. (Have subsequently learnt that one should do the keto first then the fast as it is much easier that way round - I'll try that in the future). Felt very much alert.
Into the keto diet which was fine for whole week.
Again, though exercise was very difficult and still 10% down. 
Then the massive win - first exercise after the first day back on some carbs, and with the body still in ketosis, I went from 10% down to absolutely smashing my personal best out of the park!!! - double the energy conversion with both fats and carbs!!! 
(Day 2 and ketosis was gone so back to normal)

Overall conclusion is that exercise and proper diet play a very big part, I believe (though can't prove) that all the other supplements work in the background on keeping up the healthspan.
(Last point - as the oldest person I know of who posts on the forum, Pickleball101 is an inspiration for us all!!)
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Re: What are you Taking NMN/NAD+ For , and Results?

Post by drkris69 » Wed Jan 13, 2021 2:20 pm

Wow, great post robsmith! Yes we are what we eat is very true!  I think you should keep doing the Intermittent fasting every week until you reach your health goals and to maintain a healthier body weight. Keep pumping the weights and NMN!... :D
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Re: What are you Taking NMN/NAD+ For , and Results?

Post by Newage » Wed Jan 13, 2021 6:55 pm

A very comprehensive and informative post RobSmith. It covered your agenda from start to what we all hope will be a long, long finish with improved quality of life all the way through.
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