NMNABNature 32g Powder

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ABNature 32g Powder

Post by rossnad » Tue Oct 08, 2019 4:04 pm

Hi All,

Have any of you measured/weighed the 32g jar? It now tastes like fruitloops. It is also a bit clumpier. I find myself needing to really tap the dosing spoon on my teeth to get it out. Is the 32g inclusive of the sweeteners they add? I'm thinking about dosing here. Or is there more total powder to net 32g of NMN? The powder in the 12g jars seemed to work easier and the powder was more granular.

Thoughts on how the new stuff is working for you and how much you are dosing? Also, how do you dose? I use an older model deeper dispensing stick. The new ones appear to be smaller. It's guess work over here. So I make no judgements, just trying to find out experiences of others.