NMN or NR – Which is better?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) and Nicotinamide Riboside (NR) both have very poor bioavailability and if not improved, a tiny fraction is able to make it to the bloodstream and reach tissues throughout the body.

Delivery methods that improve the bioavailability are far more important than which molecule is used.

NMN has been available with Sublingual delivery for a few years now, but does not work with NR due to the addition of Chloride that is required to stablize NR.

Now, both NMN and NR are available in Liposomes, which protect them from digestion even more than sublingual delivery.  Liposomes release the payload in the bloodstream slowly over 24 hours, greatly minimizing the surge in NAM that is known to cause problems with standard NMN and NR capsules.

Besides the key factors in table above, some others that are sometimes discussed, but not determining factors are:


NR now has GRAS status which enables it to be used in food, but GRAS is meaningless for supplement sales. Chromadex sold Niagen for 15 months before the received GRAS for NR.


NMN must be converted to NR to enter some cells. This does not appear to be a significant disadvantage, as studies have shown NMN restores intracellular NAD+ even better than NR when placed outside of cells. More importantly, NR is not stable in blood, so is never found at more than trace levels in the bloodstream. NR supplements do not increase NR in the bloodstream, so any perceived advantage at entering cells is moot and vastly outweight by the fact NR is not available in the bloodstream.


Corporate backing of NR by Chromadex has been a factor in encouraging more clinical studies but NR has failed to achieve notable success in any of their 11 studies, and did not improve insulin sensitivity in 3 tries while NMN was successful in their only clinical study published to date.

More about NMN and NR


NMN still has an advantage of lower cost and more bioavailable delivery methods.

However, our biggest concerns with NR have been alleviated with the Liposomal Powder technology that protects NR from digestion in the stomach AND from rapid degradation in the bloodstream.

We now recommend LIPO NMN and LIPO NR equally, second only to our LIPO NAD+ Complete which includes NMN,NR, and NAD+ itself in the only 3-in-1 NAD+ Booster in a bioavailable delivery method.