Renue™ – Tightening Neck Serum


*************  Available Early 2021  *************

Recommended dosage is 5 mL, containing:

  • 250 mg NAD+
  • 25 mg Resveratrol
  • 25 mg Apocynin


Don’t Expect a Face Cream to Do a Neck Cream’s Job

The skin on your neck and decolletage is different from the skin on your face. The neck has less fatty tissue and collagen and few oil glands, which is why neck skin can appear slack, loose, dry and crepey. Only a neck cream can give this delicate skin what it requires.

No skincare routine is complete with neck cream. Improve the look of:

  • Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Dryness / Crepey Texture
  • Discoloration
  • Loss of Firmness

Renue™ delivers the transformative power of NAD+ along with Apocynin and Resveratrol across the layers of the skin using breakthrough nanoliposome technology. Renue™ works at the cellular level to deliver time-released actives that restore NAD+ to improve skin’s texture, firmness and dermal matrix.

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