Rick Simpson, 67 – Reigning Ironman Age Group Champion – ALIVE BY SCIENCE – Bioavailable NAD+ Boosters

Rick Simpson, 67 – Reigning Ironman Age Group Champion

I am the Reigning 65-69 IRONMAN World Champion, a title earned in October 2017 in
Kona, Hawaii


Received and am using NMN you sent, 5xscoops per day at with scoops at intervals greater than
1 hr. depending on my training—I do not take NMN during training.

On Friday I strained something in my right hip and cannot stand up straight … so no running but I can bike OK. I will see the Chiropractor tomorrow (Monday). May try swimming tomorrow also.

Week 2
Week 2 has been all about recovery from my back problems. Fortunately, I could tell I was improving every day and am nearly well.

I have not had this problem before and do not know if the rapid healing has been at least in part due to NMN, but I cannot rule that out.

I had a good 4000 yd (2.25 mile) swim training day on Thurs. and a good 6 hr. bike on Saturday. On Saturday (the long 6 hr bike) I took 1x scoop of NMN every 2 hours with 1x scoop before and after training.

The philosophy of taking NMN during exercise is that, hopefully, it will be easily taken up by the muscles …. especially the specific muscles that are being trained.

Week 3 on NMN
This week has been all about recovery concerning my back issue. I suspect this is a disc problem.
The good news is I am up to some elliptical training for running now. I seem to be able to detect a small “lift” when I take NMN.

Week 4 on NMN

With NMN
—I seem to require less sleep
—I seem to recover faster

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